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In 2015, E-Gap was connected with the Yevi Village School through our partners at ICEHA. The school in the rural farming Yevi community of Ghana plays a central role in the daily lives of more than 250 families, And yet, the school operates with extremely limited resources.

They lack books, pencils, paper, and the school building, itself, is in need of repair. E-Gap built on ICEHA's existing efforts to help improve the school by providing training and a stipend for a teacher, Madame Theresa, who teaches an average of over 60 kindergartners each day.

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Supporting Teachers in Rural Ghana


Partners: ICEHA, Yevi Village School

Beneficiaries: 250

​Annual Program Cost: $2,500


Partners: ICEHA

Beneficiaries: 2,500  students and families; 65 volunteers

​Annual Program Cost: $2,500

Supporting Displaced Families in Northern Nigeria

E-Gap is a proud member a multinational coalition dedicated to improving lives of people living in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Settlements in Northern Nigeria.

Led by ICEHA, this coalition provided over 3 tons of clothing, and educational supplies, periodic food donations, scholarships, and general support. E-Gap's primary contributions include strategic guidance, providing educational resources, and as part of our 3,000 Teachers Program, training for volunteers and educators.

One major initiative being carried out in the region is ICEHA's Healing Through Art Program (HTA), which uses art, music, and theater to help heal the emotional wounds of war. E-Gap is developing curriculum for HTA aimed at training the program's 65 volunteers how to diagnose and begin treating children afflicted with PTSD and other emotional disorders. The curriculum also teaches volunteers to work with parents, helping them create stronger support structures at home in order to help facilitate a more holistic healing process.