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  1. ​We need a multinational support network comprised of more partnerships with international and domestic aid in order to target bringing education and other basic necessities to IDP and refugee camps, to stop the cycle of violence and active recruitment among these survivors.

  2. Survivors of these conflicts need programs that work to heal the emotional wounds of war, including PTSD and trauma.

  3. We need more global awareness about the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, and better information about the impact of these conflicts on people’s lives​.

  4. Teachers and volunteers who work in conflict zones need training and support, so that they can have the best impact possible on their students’ lives.



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  1. ​​Children and youth living in conflict and crisis situations risk losing a childhood. The average length of displacement from conflict is 17 years, leaving millions of children excluded from education. ​ (Source)

  2. Young people without access to education are more likely to be recruited into child soldiering, sex slavery or criminal activity.(Source)

  3. Post-conflict states in sub-Saharan Africa – home to the 44 per cent of the world’s children living in conflict affected countries - have some of the world’s worst indicators for education.(Source)

  4. Lack of schooling and education can cause higher youth unemployment and poverty. Both are associated with increased risk of conflict. An unequal opportunity to education also causes disadvantaged groups in conflict-affected societies to feel a sense of injustice and therefore foster a potential source for violence, such as in Liberia.​ (Source)

  5. The destruction of schools, and targeting teachers and schoolchildren are seen as military strategies in some countries. Sierra Leone’s civil war destroyed most of its education infrastructure, according to the World Bank. (Source)

  6. There are more than 60 million refugees in the world – the most since WWII.  As of February 2016, the country with the most Internally Displaced People is Nigeria, with over 2.1 million IDP's.(Source)(Source)

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