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E-Gap is first and foremost a resource for teachers who work in areas of extreme poverty and conflict zones. Most of our work is dedicated to the creation and distribution of curricula, customized teacher trainings, creating Monitoring and Evaluation strategies and materials for teachers and educational programs, and providing consulting services for schools looking to improve their impact. We place a major emphasis on developing relationships with nonprofits, school, and volunteers who help us get these resources to the rural, off-the-grid areas where they are needed most.

In 2015, working in partnership with Argentina-based, E-Gap developed a 140-part video-based course designed to help students prepare for the GED test and earn their high school equivalency degrees. The program covers Language Arts, Grammar, Mathematical Reasoning, Geography, US History, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Economics, and Civics and Government.

Also in partnership with, E-Gap developed an intensive, video-based Commercial Sales vocational training course designed to help students who may not be on the university track start their careers. The program covers Sales Management, Customer Service, Support Staff Roles, General Office Management, and Using Technology.

 Both courses are being made available in the US, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic.



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Partners: ICEHA, WVED 

Beneficiaries: 3,000

​Annual Program Cost: $50,000


3,000 Teachers:, our largest program of 2015 was launch of our 3,000 Teachers Program, which seeks to train 3,000 Teachers in Conflict Zones and Areas of Extreme Poverty by 2017. Building on our experience creating the GED and Commercial Sales Courses, this program uses short videos, assessments, and written materials to help guide educators through over 100 hours of coursework divided into 21 modules.

Modules include things like how to develop a lesson plan, managing different kinds of classroom communication, working with students with disabilities, cultural differences relating to gender, and more. Production on this program began in late 2015. The first 4 modules will be available in spring of 2016.


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Partners: Kuepa, ICEHA, Real Solutions

Beneficiaries: 3,000

​Annual Program Cost: $24,500

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