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Entrepreneurship Classes & Teacher Training, Rural Ecuador


Partners: Manna Project International

Beneficiaries: 25 students and teachers annually

​Annual Program Cost: $9,000


One of E-Gap's earliest efforts was the development of a computer-based, student-led entrepreneurship program. This program is being carried out in partnership with the MannaProject in the community of Rumiloma Ecuador. This entrepreneurship program uses webquests to guide students through all the stages of designing and launching their own small businesses.

The curriculum is integrated with the Microsoft Digital Literacy package, so students learn to use basic Windows applications in the context of the course. They learn and immediately apply vocabulary, conduct online research, create budgets in Excel, and conduct presentations using Powerpoint. The class culminates in a pitch presentation to potential investors in their small businesses.

E-Gap's team conducted a week-long training for the Manna Project volunteers who oversee this course on the ground. These volunteers are in many cases recent college graduates with limited or no prior teaching experience. Based on pre- and post-test results, these volunteers showed a 24% increase in learning outcomes related to subjects covered during the training, including: planning lessons, using webquests, handling classroom communication, and teaching English Language Learners.


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