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We believe that education saves lives, and that access to high quality education is a fundamental human right. We believe that, without good teachers, we will never see a world without illiteracy.

Our strategy focuses on training and supporting teachers in conflict zones and areas of extreme poverty around the world, as this is where education is needed the most. Our training programs use basic technology including mobile phones and search engines that we know our target audience has access to and is comfortable using.

Our programs rely on the leadership of local volunteers and program managers. We work with local government members, families, school leaders, and key individuals on the ground, and train them on how to run our programs. In this way, they become owned by the community and sustainable over the long term. This kind of skills transfer also ensures a stronger local economy, by providing job skills and experience in a supportive environment for local stakeholders.

It is crucial that we understand our impact and our limitations, so that we can be transparent with funders and keep improving our programs. Every E-Gap program incorporates a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation strategy that local stakeholders are trained on implementing. We draw on qualitative and quantitative indicators to fully visualize our programs and the way we are changing lives.

Finally, we believe in transparency in funds and in program development. All E-Gap financial information is available online, and we provide weekly blog updates in addition to monthly update newsletters, so that our supporters and constituents can see first-hand where their dollars are going. 


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